Call for artistic project proposals

As part of the LGBTI and Queer Arts, Culture and Activisms Conference, we are looking forward to working with artists whose works highlight LGBTIQ representations, embodiments and activisms and who would like to participate in the collective companion art exhibit.

The art exhibit will happen from May 20th to June 12th, at the Université de Lorraine campus gallery (namely “Galerie 0.15 // Essais Dynamiques”), located in Metz, France. The event will be advertised as part of the “Rainbow Weeks”, the local LGBTQ pride festival, organised by the LGBT centre “Couleurs Gaies”.

The art exhibit will come to its end during the conference, on June 11th and 12th. The conference will be held in Metz, France, on the university campus, as well. The artists will be invited to take part in a public round table for the occasion.

Artistic project proposals should comprise a description your work, ideally accompanied of pictures, and a short biography. Proposals should be sent by March 31st to the following emails:

The board of the art gallery and conference organising committee will be involved in the selection.

Organising committee:
Louise Barrière – PhD Candidate, Popular Music – Université de Lorraine
Dr. Mélodie Marull – PhD, Visual Arts – Université de Lorraine

Art gallery board:
Dr. Ophélie Naessens – Associate Professor, Contemporary Arts – Université de Lorraine
Dr. Anne-Laure Vernet – Associate Professor, Contemporary Arts – Université de Lorraine

What is the campus art gallery?

– An artistic project:
The gallery aims to highlight artistic creation at the university by showcasing the works of early-career artists stemming from local, national and international scenes.

– A pedagogical project
The development of the art gallery draws on a pedagogical project, establish alongside with the course offerings of the university. The project follows four principles. (1) The gallery is a place for students to experiment with the public exhibition of their art. (2) The development of the art gallery is specifically linked with our MA programmes in scenography and cultural mediation. (3) Thereby, students may develop competences in accordance with their professional projects. (4) Students may also realise internships at the art galley.

– A research-related project
Our art gallery aims to promote and showcase the practice of research-creation in visual arts. Research-creation is understood as an approach that combines creative and academic research practices, or allows established artists to get directly involved with academic research. That scientific perspective is underpinned by partnerships with a selective range of scientific events (symposiums, conferences, workshops, seminars, and so on), initiated by our associate researchers.

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